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Name Badge Placement

I just read this mildly humorous, yet truly helpful post at Productivity Cafe about Name Badge Placement. The reason that it struck me as funny was the fact that we would even talk about the "science" of name badge placement. But nevertheless, there are some good lessons to learn here. Here is this post:

Name Badge Placement - “You mean there is a guide for that?"

When you're at a conference or meeting with nametags, where do you stick your nametag? The Productivity Café is about sharing those little insider tips that make your days easier and this is a useful little one. Nametag placement is humorously a topic of conversation at the beginning of most conferences I attend because people don't know what the best location is. Should it be on the left chest? Or on the right chest? Down on the pocket so you don't look like a dork or perhaps stuck to your notebook for the event. Should you throw it away immediately so you don't have to bother with it?

Here's the quick insight:
  • First, wear the nametag! You are at this event for a business purpose and that can only be enhanced by the relationships that you develop. Make it easy on the other people to meet you.
  • Place the name tag on your right chest (from the perspective of looking down at yourself). Wear it as if you're right handed, that side. This allows the person you're greeting to glance up your arm of the handshake, at the nametag, and to your eyes naturally. We read left to right and you're helping others by accommodating that pattern. This is especially helpful if the person recognizes your face and wants to be nonchalant about your name that they've forgotten.
  • The bottom of the nametag should line up with top of your arm meeting your side.
  • Use big print on the nametag. If they're not preprinted, put your name in big letters – maybe just your first name. One-half inch is a good starting size.
  • If you network often, do trade shows, etc. buy a permanent nametag. Including your company logo on the nametag will enhance your impression and give conversations a starting point.
  • Use a black or other dark sharpie to write you name if at all possible. Do not use a simple pen as the line is too thin to read unless the person's nose is practically on your nametag.
  • Convert nametags that hang around your neck and therefore the center of your chest to the right lapel. Use a pin, clip or double sided tape after you're sure it won't tarnish the fabric of your garment. (Make a clip by removing it from a used plastic nametag holder and gluing the lanyard pocket to the clip. You need to be prepared to do this!).

(HT: Productivity Cafe)


Hi Bill ~ your photo is much better than the one on my post! Thanks for spreading the word and for linking back to my post!

If I had to tell somebody at a conference that I brought my own lanyard from home and glued it to the provided hanging nametag so as to get my nametag to sit on my right side ... I'm pretty sure they would laugh me out the door.

If you worry this much about nametag placement, you'll die of a heart attack before you attend conference #2. Just wear what you're given and focus on meeting people!

I make a habit of looking around the room of a conference to see who wears the name tag on the right side. Almost 100% of the people who do this are the most professional in every other aspect of their image and their level of success. I make a beeline to network with those people first because they know the "rule!"

Beware that others are watching and making the same judgements about you, so wear your badge on the right side of your makes a great first impression and it is very important to do so!

As a hospitality executive our standard is to always wear our nametags on our right shoulders. We do get challenged by many team members with their own interpretation of what is proper, but this standard when worn by all in the same standard, proves we are a much more professional team

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