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Getting What You Preach For

“If there is a mist in the pulpit, there will be a fog in the pews?"
Excerpt from Church Marketing Sucks.....

When you preach salvation, people come to know Jesus.
When you preach about loving Jesus, people become better lovers of Jesus.
When you preach prosperity, people want to be prosperous.

When you preach about the second coming, people get ready.
When you preach healing, people will be healed.
When you preach hope, people are more hopeful.
When you preach about tithing, people tithe.

What you talk about is what people are going to respond to. In other words, you get what you preach for.

This is not about communication manipulation. This is about communication transformation.

So, friends, what are you preaching for?
What are you communicating for?
(HT: Church Marketing Sucks)

I think it was Howard Hendricks who said, "If you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it." When you communicate you need to define your purpose. You need to be clear about your goal, or goals.
What do you want people to do?
How do you want people to think?
What do you want people to believe?

If you are not clear and defined about what you want to say, you can't expect your audience to be either.


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