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Free Creative Content

My friend Jason down in TX has a good post about free content from churches via the internet. Many churches are making their creative messages, videos and graphics available for free. There is a real kingdom mentality starting to stir up among the larger churches that says, "If our material can help other churches and be used for His glory...then make it freely available". I know a lot of other church leaders who don't have the kind of resources and staff, as larger churches may have, and they appreciate that these resources are being made available.

Most of the time other church's creative endeavors can provoke and prime the pump for your own creativity. Ultimately, you should adapt materials to your own context and situation. But as a starting place, these resources are a great place to stoke the creative fires.
Here is a list of five churches that are offering free online resources:
(HT: Making Difference Makers)


thanks for the props...and for all your doing for the kingdom as are a great resource to everyone out there and is has been awesome getting to know and begin to partner with you.

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