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Mixed Messages

Does your church communicate mixed messages?

Do you spend all your money on direct mail pieces that show people in your church laughing and playing and doing life together but when people show up on Sunday morning - all they encounter is a cold-unwelcoming environment?

Advertising and marketing goes only so far.

Too often churches spend tons of money and investment to get people in and through their doors on Sunday morning. But is the same amount of time and energy invested on their experiences and impressions once they arrive?

What happens in the first ten minutes of a person's visit, makes an indelible impression. You only get one chance and opportunity to make that impression. You got to make Sunday mornings count!

Guests who come on Sunday morning are at their highest state of alertness. They are taking everything in, and they are quick to make judgments and draw lasting conclusions.

Here are a couple of questions and issues that you need to resolve on Sunday morning.
  • Have your volunteers been communicated to during the week? Are you certain your people are going to be there? In this information saturated culture, an email doesn't cut it - go 20th century and get on the phone! (see my communication post here!)
  • How are you training your volunteers, once they show up, do they know the vision and purpose of their role and responsibility?
  • What feedback are they receiving? How are they being encouraged and coached?
  • Are people having fun and feel part of a team? If they are there because of mere duty - IT WILL SHOW! Are they jazzed up to be there Sunday morning? People need to serve in community and within friendships.


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