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Mystery Guests made easy

This post is from Group Volunteers: Tuesday's Tip (and I am posting it on a Thursday!). These tips can go directly into your inbox, and you can click here to go to their site to receive them.
Mystery Guests

Want to know how guests perceive your ministry? Enlist the help of mystery guests to attend your church and ministry area and provide feedback on their experience.

Ask several families to attend your children's ministry for the first time. Include a variety of families, such as a family with multiple children, a couple with an infant, and single parents. Include families with a variety of backgrounds, such as those who attend a different church regularly, families who attend church only sporadically, and families who've never attended church.

Have these families attend your church over a 4- to 8-week period. Develop questions that relate to specific outcomes such as friendliness, cleanliness, signage, or security. For a sample questionnaire, go to and click on Web Extras.

Provide families with a questionnaire and stamped envelopes for easy return. Ask them to complete quesitonnaires after each visit and mail them back to you the following week. When all your mystery guests have completed their visits, meet with your team and go over the questionnaires to determine areas where your team is succeeding and areas where improvement is needed.

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