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The Most Favorite Sound In The World

Remembering names is one of the most important things you can do when you are meeting guests on Sunday morning. I remember reading in college, Dale Carnegie's book, How to Win friends and Influence people ( a pretty manipulative title, I know!) and it had one point that I will never forget - A person's favorite sound is hearing their own name. Using a person's name provides a point of connection. It communicates care and that they matter. We shouldn't just remember names for self-serving reasons, but because every person we meet is special, they matter to God.

But on a Sunday morning, if you are anything like me by meeting a lot of new people, it can be difficult remmebering all the people you meet.

The key to remembering names isn't all that revolutionary. Paper and pen.

A Chinese proverb says that the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory.

You can't rely on your memory. You got to keep a piece of paper, or small pad of paper, and a pen with you at all times. Just applying this simple rule, saved me at church yesterday.

Read Bob Hyatt's thoughts here about how he intentionally remembers visitors names.

(ht: PastorHacks):

Anyway, yesterday, we had an abundance of first-time visitors at our Sunday morning gathering...I'm really, really bad with names. I mean, really bad.
I usually have to ask people to remind me of their names 8 or 9 times...
But yesterday, I had a stroke of brilliance, a flash of ingenuity...I just wrote them down.
We had 7 first time visitors yesterday (not including some 4 or 5 relatives just visiting in town- I usually like to say "Hi" to them, by try not to spend too much time talking with out-of-towners). So, directly afterwards, when I got 2 seconds (all the time it took) I just wrote down their names.
In looking at the list now, I can clearly picture who each were. I'll look at it again later, but I have a feeling I now KNOW their names. This morning I even wrote a little note by each ("Came with Sean and Betsy","Went to lunch with Shawn and Laura", etc).
I'm telling you, the relief I feel at having something of a system to help remember names is incredible...Try it and tell me how it works for you! Or do any of you have other ideas for remembering visitor names?


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