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Good Stuff Around The Blogosphere

I just want to tune you into some good stuff posted with the last week. These are sites that I have subscribed to because they regularly have good and thought provoking stuff. Take a look for yourself:

Oak Leaf Church (Behind the Leaf blog) - letter to first givers. They have a sample letter ready for download. This is a wonderful idea to encourage and affirm those who are new to the church with their giving.

Mark Waltz - Mark has a good discussion on how to broach giving with those new to the church in mind. You may choose to do it differently than Granger does it, but it is a good idea to work through your church's expectations and how you communicate to your guests during the offering.

Image Forth - Jeff has a great post concerning Apple's approach to customer service. They just lowered their iPhone price $200 and now they are explaining themselves to their customers that bought it a couple of months ago. According to Jeff, Apple's approach to customer service begs a couple of questions:
"Hum…maybe the church could learn something from Apple here?"
  • Create an experience that people will want to come back to
  • Have ample ’sales’ staff to greet and help the newcomers
  • Provide an experience that would attract early adopters
  • Keep up with the newest technologies, not resting on our traditions and what worked in the past
  • Provide a clean, bright, welcoming experience
  • Support the product you sell
  • Evaluate and respond to your critics appropriately


Thanks for the link Bill. Love the layout of your new blog. First Impressions are one of my passions in the church. We could be referring people back and forth quite often.

Bill - love the blog layout. very clean, very inviting. I appreciate your passion for the people who matter so much to God. I'll be back.

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