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Forgetting the Big Little Things

Todd Rhoades, has just posted an interesting article about the University of Central Florida's new football stadium. This is a state of the art stadium, but it was missing just one, essential thing...water fountains!

You can read more about it here....

How can a university and stadium planners be so short sighted? Yes, I know that they want to force everyone to buy the $3 water at the concession stands, but Florida is hot, I know I lived in Orlando for 2 years. Water fountains are as essential as toilets for any public place.

This got me thinking, what are the essential things that WE NEED in PLACE and not forget to prepare for the guests when they come to our church.

Here are a couple of thoughts...

1. Good signage. You know where the bathrooms are and where the children go, Guests don't

2. Accessible and clear information. What does the church believe? Ministries and staff contact information etc...

3. How do I connect? People want to know that this is a group of people that they can get to know. We need to have a clear and easy process to make that happen.

4. How do I serve? People wanat to know that is is a group of people that they can make a difference with. As with connecting, our churches need an easy and clear process to get people serving and using their gifts.

Do you have anything to add to this list?


From Deborah:
Could you please tell me where the sanctuary is, I am alone and don't know where to go.

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