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Crummy Church Signs

One of the biggest first impressions a person makes about a church is from just driving by the church. I don't know about you, except for announcing service times and identifying the name of the church, church signs shouldn't be used for more than that.

What is particularly bad is when the church tries to be cute with little sayings, cliches and puns...

They always make me groan.

Want to know what I am talking about go see....

Crummy Church Signs


I could not agree more. Just rip the stinkin thing out of the ground and cover it up!

Yep...on top of that...we drive by this church that has their little statement painted on their church sign....every time I drive by I cringe and want to tell them...It says "Come fill the Spirit"

And the fill part was not a misspelling on my part...I wonder how many drive by and think, huh???

This has been on there for years...

i mostly agree, but I think the "blessed are the flexible..." one is pretty funny!

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