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Not-so helpful helpdesk

This is a picture of a sign found on flickr.

People come to your helpdesk on a Sunday morning at church to ask questions. And your church volunteers and staff are there to help answer those questions and put the Sunday morning guest at ease. That is it's purpose, pure and simple.

Here are a couple of questions to ask about the effectiveness concerning your helpdesk/information desk/guest services area or whatever you may choose to call it:

1. Is there always someone there who is able to intelligently answer guest's questions? Do they smile and do they communicate interest when people walk up?

2. Is the helpdesk easy to locate and clearly marked?

3. Is there information easily available for your guests to take with them? A map of the church, instructions or how to check and register children, a guest packet etc?

4. Is there an opportunity and an easy method to ask for information from the guest?

Can you add anything to this?


I subscribed and look forward to reading this blog.

The only thing I can add to your list is something that spoke volumes to me the first time I visited a church earlier this year.

When I approached the "help desk" and asked about a Bible Study the next thing I knew they called over another woman who introduced herself and then in a very friendly way showed me around and introduced me to some other ladies that were in the study and the leader, etc. I felt very welcome and was impressed with the personal attention.

Love your blogging man. Sorry for delay but all those stats came from George Barna and Thom Rainer from their books, and web postings. Feel free to use it.

Thanks for the info, henry - I appreciate it.

Barbara - good point is the hand off and allowing others to assist in making a guests visit a positive one. Thanks for contributing.

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