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Creating The Right Environments

Behind the Leaf blog has an interesting post about creating a comfortable environment. Here is an excerpt from that post...

"Sometimes, we don’t talk about things that are very comfortable. Jesus said we were to take up our cross (be willing to die). Disciple left behind their nets (quit their jobs). The truth often hurts because the Word of God is sharp and it cuts.

I don’t know who originally said this, but we want to create a safe place for people to hear a dangerous message. So while we may communicate some uncomfortable truths, we want to create a comfortable environment for guests. We want people to come in and feel like they belong there - like they are not an outsider. We design our Sunday morning experience with guests in mind, because we don’t want people to stay guests. Here’s some things we do to help create this environment:

1. We play secular tunes in the lobby and as the preservice.
2. We serve coffee.
3. We explain stuff.
4. We ask people for their information.
5. We prepare for and expect guests."

Read the whole post here: Behind the Leaf

At Big Creek church we are all about creating that WOW experience when a visitor comes on Sunday morning. Now although, we don't and won't play tunes in the lobby, we serve coffee, provide clear and assessable information, we ask people for their information and we anticipate guests. Our goal is to do this well, because we believe that this is sets the table for a visitors Sunday morning experience.

How are you doing in these areas? Would you add to this list or subtract from it in any way?


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