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Are You Worth $215,000?

What is the price or value of a soul? $215,000. That’s the price that Wal-mart has put on each of their customers. Wal-mart has done extensive research into their business. If, for example, you go into your local Wal-mart store and get bad service; can’t find what you need; have to wait in the checkout line too long; or anything else that really makes you upset, Wal-mart knows that they have a lot to lose. In fact, they’ve calculated the value of what you're worth to them. If you get mad at Wal-mart and never return, you have just cost the company (on average) $215,000. That’s how much sales they have figured they will lose from the average customer over their lifetime if they don’t come back...


Now I know that it easy to argue that people are more than the sum total of their buying power. People matter to God. Each person matters to God and therefore they should matter to us, the church. That is why it is even more important we value and treat each person around us as "priceless".

Every person that walks through the doors of Big Creek Church matters to God. Everything we do and every way we serve is designed to communicate that people matter. Big Creek's First Impressions team is designed to welcome and care for our first time guests. Our children's ministry is designed to care, teach and train the next generation. a parent's priceless possession. The Worship and Art's team is to create an environment that prepares and welcomes the heart and soul into worship of our great and majestic King. What happens on Sunday morning is important. That includes every facet and every detail.

I know that I am preaching to the choir when I say that the First Impressions team is probably the most important facet of the overall Sunday worship experience. What happens in the first 10 minutes, makes a lasting and indelible impression of our first time guests.

Wal-Mart doesn't have anything on the church. Wal-Mart is in the business of selling junk, half of which will end up in the $0.25 bin at the next yard sale. Christ's church is in the business of bringing hope and healing to broken and lost people. The First Impressions team is all about helping people connect to Christ's church every Sunday morning.

People matter to God. How much are you worth? How much are people worth who come to Big Creek Church on Sunday morning? More than you could ever imagine!


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