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You Know You Are In Trouble When...

your church nursery looks something like this. I call this Free Range nursery (also I love those cribs that look like chicken coops!)

(HT: Shorpy )

Although, technically the nursery and the children's areas are not under the scope of the First Impressions team, but they are, needless to say, one of the Biggest areas that make or break a visitor's first visit.

Dads and Moms want to know that there children are well taken of. They want to know that the rooms are staffed, they are clean and orderly, and that there is appropriate security.

Your role, as part of the First Impressions team is to acquaint yourself with the Children's Ministry areas and Nursery.

Many visitors are going to be looking to you for information about where to put their children as well as someone who can point them in the right direction or even take them there.

You need to familiarize yourself with some very important information. YOU HAVE AN ASSIGNMENT THESE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS.

You are to speak with either Sarah Faison (Children's Ministry Director), or workers within the childcare areas and you are to get this information, so that YOU know it for the future and be more effective on Sunday mornings.

1. Make sure you know where the nursery is and ask what ages of children go into the nursery?
2. Where is Lil'K, and what ages of children go there?
3. Where is KIDMO? And what ages go there?
4. What about older children, what happens for them during the service?
5. When are family worship services and how does that effect where children go that morning?

THIS IS YOUR ASSIGNMENT! Have fun with it, and thanks for all you do. You all are a strategic part of Big Creek, Building Community for the Community!

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