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Turkey's Need Not Apply

One of my responsibilities as Pastor of "Doing Life Together" is our First Impressions team. Our First Impressions team consists of 4 individual teams that are in the Parking Lot, at the Front Door, at our Information Desk and who operate the morning cafe'. The First Impressions team in an integral part of what happens on Sunday mornings at Big Creek Church.

We believe that what happens before people actually step foot in the worship service is as important as what happens during the service. People size up a church in the first 10 minutes. A guest will judge whether a church is friendly, caring and real before the worship band even plucks their first chord. Our First Impressions team is made up of dedicated and awesome individuals. The First Impressions team is so important, that Turkeys need not apply for this ministry team at Big Creek Church.

This story from illustrates that point:

And in Wales Township in Michigan at Lamb UMC there was a brief eulogy recently for a critter the pastor called a model member of his congregation- a wild turkey! If he was a model member, I am wondering what the slackers looked like. This turkey regularly attended services for over a year and greeted people as they went into the church week after week. He was there when they came out as well, strutting his stuff.

But one day, someone, apparently annoyed with the noise and fuss of the bird ran over him- hence the need for a eulogy. When people would come out of the church, seems he annoyed some folks and caused them to leave in haste and in a huff.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn't have Turkeys greeting people at the door - THEY ARE ANNOYING!!


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