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Easter is Coming!

Dear First Impressions Team,

This coming Easter is a strategic and important Sunday for Christ Church as well as Big Creek. I know that every Sunday is an important Sunday. And the work that you do as the First Impressions team is one of the most important responsibilities that day. But Easter, as well as Christmas, are particularly special. They are special because it is Easter day that many people go to church, that may not typically go any other Sunday. A sad fact, but nevertheless true.

If you are "on-duty" this Easter, be keeping an extra special eye out for first time visitors to Big Creek. And if you are not "on-duty" the same is true for you!! Of course Mary Jo and I always say that each and every Big Creeker is to make a great First Impression by welcoming our visitors.

As Easter approaches, pray for those unchurched who are going to hear the Gospel. Pray that the Spirit of God would penetrate their heart and transform their life. Also, pray for your neighbors and friends. Pray that they would go to Big Creek Church with you that Sunday. Easter is a wonderful, natural opportunity to invite others to church with you.

Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to using your gifts to serve with Big Creek and minister and love those who visit Big Creek. You are part of the First Impressions team, because people matter to God.

Bill Reichart and Mary Jo Giesman


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